Web Design &

LIBIT SOLUTIONS provides a complete website creation and development services that translate your business into a web site. Our professional website designing services recommend a nice website designing layout for your site along with your text and images. You can get consultation as well with one of our expert website designers and we will have a top-notch website built for you in less then ten business day.


Looking to simply reserve your entity on the Web or willing to have a sophisticated business. We have a solution for you!!! Our Web Hosting and eCommerce solutions combine industry-leading performance, reliability, and support at an affordable price which will give you a suitable web for your business. LIBIT SOLUTIONS have a very wide scope in website hosting service. We offer low rate website hosting services for our clients.


Search engine optimization (SEO Company Services) is the art of preparing, analyzing, and promoting your web site to ensure that it is extremely visible and highly ranked in the search engines for related keyword.A design which is professional, and its functionality will make the web site great! What good is a great site, if nobody can find it on the web? We have developed various creative designs that drive traffic and sales.


Application development involves creating a computer program, or set of programs to perform tasks, from keeping track of inventory and billing customers to maintaining accounts, speeding up business process and in fact, even improving application effectiveness. Unlike vanilla programming, application development involves higher levels of responsibility (particularly for requirement capturing and testing).

Bulk SMS

BulkSMS provides solutions to send and receive SMS messages using the Internet through:BulkSMS's Desktop Software, The BulkSMS Web site, Your Email Software, Your Mobile, One of BulkSMS's API's. LIBIT SOLUTIONS offers based Bulk SMS solutions for end users as well as http API and SMPP Bulk SMS Gateway integration tools for Corporate users. Our solutions offer clients a choice between commercial or High Priority routes.